Each time “Song of Storms” is heard, it guides the Legend of Zelda listener to thoughts of the Kakariko Windmill, or the crypts beneath the Ikana Graveyard. Ocarina of Time has always been one of my favorite Zelda games, and I consistently find myself replaying the game on Hero Mode on my 3DS in my spare time. To this day, I still get a faint sense of satisfaction when I learn “Song of Storms” from Guru-Guru for the first time and make it rain.

The song’s catchy and nostalgic feeling gets a unique twist in Jared Dine’s cover of “Song of Storms”. The cover begins with the delicate sound of a ukulele, before steadily building momentum as new guitars are introduced and then increasing the intensity with each instrument, each melody layering together. Jared utilizes the ukulele, bass, and electric guitar to recreate this Zelda classic into an edgy, upbeat, and satisfying interpretation.

This cover caught my attention immediately due to its high energy and exceptional execution, plus the video also includes the musician playing Ocarina of Time on his Nintendo 64. Altogether, the cover and the visuals work together to construct the same sentimental feeling that the original composition gives us — only with a little more metal.