It was revealed this week what Nintendo has up their sleeve for this year’s Electronic and Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. I hate to be the one to break the news like this, but it looks like they aren’t bringing too much with them to the convention.

The newest installment in the Legend of Zelda franchise will be front and center for convention-goers to play, and Nintendo really wants you to get the full experience of the demo. Such is their desire that it will be the only playable game Nintendo will show in their booth this year so you’ll really get the full experience. This strategy could be either a stroke of genius or another black eye for Nintendo at E3.

Nintendo will start their E3 fun bright and early on the first day of the convention with Reggie Fils-Aime kicking off the first of many Nintendo Treehouse livestreamed demos of the newest Legend of Zelda game, at 9AM PT. This will be replacing any conference or Directs they might have done in the past. You’ll be able to hear what developers from Nintendo have to say about the game as well as get behind-the-scenes information that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

The game will feel different compared to other games in the franchise, where you’ll be able to pick where you want to go; choose your own destiny! A Link Between Worlds might be the best comparison to the new game, where you could pick your own path and decide where you want to go. In theory, you could pick your own way in all Legend of Zelda games, but you probably wouldn’t make it too far. In A Link Between Worlds, you could decide what items you wanted to rent and use at the time and what dungeon you wanted to beat first and so on.

Nintendo is also holding a presentation for their business partners that will show Nintendo’s business model for the coming year, and their plan for the holidays. Since this is for their business partners, don’t expect anything major to come from this presentation, going on at the same time as the first Treehouse Live. The newest Legend of Zelda was unfortunately bumped to 2017 so this will have to tease us enough until the game “releases” next year. Since we really didn’t have anything to go off of for what the game could possibly be about, this should be enough for the masses until 2017.