Looking for a reason to buy some of the best Wii U and 3DS games available? If so, the newest My Nintendo rewards warrant a look. Along with exclusives such as the Twilight Princess-inspired Picross game, and wearables for Miitomo, several new discount codes are now available.

The discounted games range from classic to modern, and draw from some of Nintendo’s best IP’s. You can check out the full list below for North America and Europe, nicely arranged courtesy of Destructoid.

North America

  • 15% off Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon – 600 Platinum points
  • 15% off Super Mario Galaxy 2 – 300 Platinum points
  • 15% off Pikmin 3 – 300 Platinum points
  • 15% off Dr. Luigi – 230 Platinum points
  • 15% off Mini Mario: Minis on the Move – 150 Platinum points
  • 30% off Tri Force Heroes – 100 Gold points
  • 30% off Tomodachi Life – 80 Gold points
  • 30% off Wonderful 101 – 70 Gold points
  • 30% off DKC Tropical Freeze – 50 Gold points
  • 30% off Metroid Prime Trilogy – 50 Gold points


  • 10% off Fire Emblem Fates – 20 Gold points
  • 20% off Captain Toad – 600 Platinum points
  • 40% off Captain Toad – 100 Gold points
  • 20% off Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 600 Platinum points

Now, we here at Zelda Universe aren’t at all biased, but we suggest picking up Tri Force Heroes if you don’t already own the game. The challenging puzzles will keep you engaged, either in single-player or the hectic cooperation of multiplayer, and the soundtrack is catchy.

If that’s not your cup of tea, there isn’t a bad game on this list; you can choose any discount or all of them — if you have the points. Let us know if you’ll be utilizing any of these discounts, or if you’re hoarding your points for that special something.

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