The recent release of Twilight Princess HD got me thinking back to some of my favourite moments from the game which, arguably, carries the most engaging story of entire the Zelda franchise.  Thinking back, I remember collecting the Spinner and being both surprised and impressed by the way that Nintendo had seamlessly introduced such a foreign and out-of-keeping item to the world of Twilight Princess.  A giant cog-cum-hoverboard was more in-keeping with a steampunk universe than the standard fantasy settings used to portray Hyrule.

 This week’s Fanart Friday is inspired by my musings on the Spinner and the question, “What would Zelda look like if it was set in a steampunk universe?”

“Incredible” is the answer, it seems.


This beautiful piece, “Steampunk Link”, created by DeviantArt user Keatopia and his wife, girl-in-fairytales, depicts Link blasting through the skies atop a rocket board with a bionic fairy companion in tow.  Sporting a pneumatic power glove, three-piece coat and tails and the steampunk-staple goggles, Link has been wonderfully reimagined as a swashbuckling daredevil, ready to tackle his enemies with heart, homemade gadgetry and charm.  This Link, I feel, would be something of an oblivious heartthrob.

It’s so easy to imagine blazing down the slopes of Death Mountain on a rocket board and engaging in repartee with Baron von Ganondorf before a pistol duel aboard his zeppelin lair.  Many of Zelda’s staple monsters lend themselves to being mechanised; Stalfos Knights cobbled together from a collection of discarded cogs, pipes and brass trinkets; leather stitched Octoroks coughing out old pressure gauges and holographic Poes projected from clockwork fireflies.

This one certainly has gotten the cogs turning. Happy Friday, everyone!

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