Nintendo UK have recently announced the impending end to the Nintendo DSi Shop. Open since 2009, the Nintendo DSi store has offered plenty of fun and quirky games, but it would seem Nintendo have decided to leave it behind in order to focus on the continuing success of the 3DS. The store will officially shut down March 31, 2017.

So, if you’ve had your eye on any DSi games for a while, now would be the time to snatch them up before they disappear forever. If you have any DSi Points, spend them now, as Nintendo have confirmed that they cannot be refunded or transferred into an eShop balance. They also sought to remind players that DSiWare games can be transferred over to your 3DS console by downloading the Nintendo 3DS Transfer Tool from the Nintendo DSi Shop and starting a System Transfer on the target Nintendo 3DS system.

It’s the end of an era indeed. We’ll miss you, DSi!

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