We all love our old NES consoles. But some show their love for them in a very extreme and expensive form, as demonstrated by the group Analogue, who have gone so far as to produce a 24-karat gold NES console. The company has created many interesting versions of the NES console over the years, modernizing and perfecting its look whilst still allowing it to play our favourite classic games. But they have really outdone themselves this time round!

The golden NES has an aluminium core body, but is plated, both inside and out, with pure gold. Not only that, but each console comes free with a golden (coloured, not plated) copy of the Legend of Zelda. Forget medals or wedding rings, this golden console is beautiful, and it can be yours for just a minor — okay, it’s a whopping $4,999. But there are only 10 in existence! So if you’ve got a spare $5k around, get buying!

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