Classic Game Boys are the newest tool in the arsenal of modern music makers, charging the EDM scene with 8-bit innovation.

ChipBattles showcases this trend with their three-round, sixteen bar showdown where participants weave nostalgic sound bites into pulse-pounding electronica.

The Chipbattles’ setup is simple: “two competitors are given a custom-produced backing track with just enough time before the event to come up with some of their raddest riffs. It’s not about complex songwriting or ultra-technical sound design, it’s about getting in your opponent’s face and getting the crowd jumping.”

Round one features the techno-talents of Auracle and Joe Bleeps. Their battle kicks off at 2:51 after some small technical difficulties.

Agree with Auracle’s triumph? Was Joe the real champion? Or are you already dusting off your old GBC to join the fray?

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