You’ve probably heard that we worked with Heroic Replicas for two years to create the world’s most accurate Master Sword replica. But we also worked with them on something equally important: versions that you can actually purchase, right now.

We’ve come up with four different versions of the Master Sword, and they’re all available to order from Heroic Replicas’s website.

Bronze Hilt + High Carbon Blade – $1675


The sword from our feature. If Link were real, this is what he’d be killing bad guys with. Solid bronze, powder-coated hilt. Gold-plated pewter gems and tongs. The full-tang, high-carbon blade is sharpened and combat-ready. Comes with antiques wax to help you keep the blade in pristine condition.


Bronze Hilt + Stainless Steel Blade – $1275


The sword from our feature, but with a dulled stainless steel blade. A real-life Master Sword without the deadly edge.


Resin Hilt + Stainless Steel Blade – $975

A display-only model with versatile styling options, including Twilight Princess variants with golden filigrees on the blade and a striking Dark Link model with distressed black hilt and silver gems. Made with lightweight spray-painted resin castings and a dulled stainless steel blade. Pictured: Blue Skyward Sword model with braided leather grip.


DIY Resin + Stainless Steel Master Sword Kit – $675

photo (17)

For the hardcore prop makers out there, this unassembled DIY kit comes with raw, unfinished resin casings, a machined stainless steel blade, oak halves for the handle, your choice of handle wrapping material, assembly hardware, and instructions (including a leather braiding guide if you choose the leather option). Not for the feint of heart!


Optional: Add a Pedestal of Time – $250

Heck yes. Solid concrete, based on the pedestal from Ocarina of Time. The slot is leather-lined to protect the tip of the sword.


Have questions before you buy? Check out Heroic Replicas’s Master Sword FAQ, or ask us in the comments.