In the fourth and last Twilight Princess HD retrospective, the developers behind the original game and the HD remaster talk of how the Wii U version offers new and returning fans a different perspective on the classic. With the GamePad providing quick access to both the map and items, and the upgraded visuals giving the game a fresh look, it’s easy to see why this version of Twilight Princess is the definitive one.

Of course there’s another Zelda game coming to the Wii U, and in regards to it Nintendo has been quite mum in the past year; showing off only twelve more seconds of the same Hyrule Field we had seen twice before. But finally, Eiji Aonuma has given us a small taste of his process behind the enigmatic title.

In the retrospective, Aonuma reveals that many of the ideas he had when making Twilight Princess are things he wants to do in the new game. He is reluctant to share any specifics, but makes the interesting comment that “Twilight Princess was a starting point, making it possible to do what I’m doing now in a way.” Aonuma hopes that when gamers play the new Zelda they’ll look back on Twilight Princess and enjoy making comparisons.

Whether the “starting point” is in regards to gameplay, story, or something else entirely is merely speculation for now. You can check out the retrospective below and draw your own conclusions. Do you hope for a strong connection to Twilight Princess?