With the release of Twilight Princess HD only one week away, there are many players with early access to the remaster already exploring all that the game has to offer. But it isn’t just shiny new graphics — as discovered by YouTuber HMK, Nintendo have added in an Easter egg related to Zelda Wii U.

We’ve heard near to nothing about the mysterious Zelda Wii U game since its announcement backĀ in 2013, but there’s definitely a hint to it inside Twilight Princess.

If you head to Chudley’s Fine Goods and Fancy Trinkets Emporium, you’ll notice many artwork and paintings decorating the walls. But if you take a closer look to your left, beside the door: it’s a painting of a familiar screenshot seen in the Zelda Wii U trailer.

With Link on Epona, staring across Hyrule Field, perhaps with Death Mountain in the distance, it’s become an iconic image of the game we all crave. It’s great to see it featured in Twilight Princess HD, as a little nod to all us fans that, yes, it’s still coming. Get excited.

Please note: The following video contains some profanity.