The streamlining of gameplay in Twilight Princess HD continues. If you had a rough time tracking down all of the Poes in the original game, your experience on the HD version will be slightly less frustrating due to the new Ghost Lantern item.

According to a new video by GameXplain, the Ghost Lantern can be acquired from Jovani after Link grudgingly captures 20 Poe Souls on his own. From that point on, the Ghost Lantern will assist Link in tracking down the remaining 40 Poes by lighting up when human Link is in the area of one. The video explains that the one unfortunate caveat is that “area” can be relatively ambiguous in dungeons, where the lantern will not clarify whether a Poe is in the same room as Link. The lantern also does not change shades to tell you how close Link is to one.

All the other rules that apply to capturing Poes in the game remain the same. But thankfully, this time around this part of the adventure has been modernized along with the visuals of the game.