More sweet information has been revealed for the HD re-release of Twilight Princess! This time, some light was shed on two of the new features that were not present or perfected in the original game.

First off, a Hero Mode has been confirmed to be in the game. Upon entering this mode, Link will take double the damage from enemies (four times the damage if you use the Ganondorf Amiibo), and no hearts will be found on the field after cutting grass or breaking pots. The world will also be completely mirrored, matching the world of the Wii release. This mode will be available from the start; there’s no need to beat the game once first to unlock it. For those who want more of a challenge, this is the mode for you!

Furthermore, the game will be implementing a new item: the Ghost Lantern. This item is for those who want less of a challenge, specifically for the Poe-hunting side quest. Upon equipping the item, the lantern will begin to glow whenever a Poe is nearby, making the collection of all 60 Poe souls much easier.

Speaking of easier, the GamePad allows the player to equip items without having to pause the game, much like it did with Wind Waker HD, which should help you out of a pickle when you have to change between items in a hurry.

Below is a video showcasing these new additions to the game. Check them out and tell us what you think!

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  • Shona

    These sound good. I’m glad that there’s a Hero Mode (combined with the Ganondorf amiibo, it sounds brutal!) and I’m really intrigued by the fact that the world will be mirrored. I played the GameCube version originally and was recently talking to some people who played the Wii version who think that it’s going to be tricky playing with the world mirrored because things won’t be the same as they remember. I wonder if that will make more people willing to start the game in Hero Mode?

    • Thomas Andersen

      Hero Mode is the only way to go, TP is so insanely easy, its insane! I will play: Hero Mode, Ganondorf Amiibo and 3 Hear Run!

      • Shona

        Agree it was pretty easy. I was considering doing Hero Mode on my first play through – and then I get to play the mirrored mode too.

    • MrCold

      I’d like to start with Hero Mode, but I’ll start with the regular one… Exactly because I’ve only played the Wii version.

  • Ryan Haney

    I like the way the Wind Waker HD menu workes, so I’m glad they added it to Twilight Princess.

  • MrCold

    I’m not sure I get the point of the lantern. It sounds like it works based on proximity, and you can usually see Poes from a great distance.
    Something like a compass would be better; it would point to the nearest one, however far it is.

  • Kelly

    I’m gonna have to play the normal version and tap my Ganondorf amiibo if I want to truly have Hero Mode. I only ever played the mirror version, but I loved how Ocarina of Time 3D’s Hero Mode mirrored the world from what I was used to. It really made it a lot harder and I would like to have that same feeling when replaying Twilight Princess HD. To have normal version, I’ll play Hero Mode and tap my Zelda amiibo to recover hearts as needed since I can’t find any with grass or pots. XD Everything is all backwards for those who only played the Wii Version.