The upcoming Hyrule Warriors Legends introduces a bunch of new characters to the old set-up of its Wii U counterpart, including the mischievous Skull Kid. Nintendo UK recently released a trailer in which you can admire all of Skull Kid’s impressive moves, and as you can see, he doesn’t show up alone.

With his best friends Tatl and Tael loyally by his side, he welcomes his foes with his characteristic laughter, not holding back one bit. His fairy companions are used as weapons, twirling around the battlefield and hurting any enemies come into contact with.

Skull Kid is also able to use some type of black magic. He can cause explosions by casting spells on the ground, and create a giant ball of black magic in the air which he throws in front of him. His final move summons the scary moon from Majora’s Mask, allowing him to kick it towards his enemies.