Tommy Tallarico, composer and musician for over 300 gaming titles and recognized at the Smithsonian Institute, has launched a Kickstarter for Video Games Live: Level 5. This time, he’s producing not just an album full of incredible covers of music from games such as Zelda, but also a documentary that takes you through the entire process of making the album. And great news for us Zelda fans, aside from the fully orchestrated Level 5 album, the Kickstarter campaign will also help produce a Majora’s Mask piano album. But that’s not all the beautiful Zelda music we can expect from this Kickstarter. Irish conductor Eimear Noone, who is quite possibly the coolest woman on the face of the earth, is putting together the album Songs of Zelda: A Celtic Link, which includes her very own Zelda arrangements featuring traditional Celtic instruments and soloists.

There are multiple tiers for backing the project, ranging from $10 to $10,000. Backing Level 5 includes the album and plenty of other goodies as you move up the ladder. The goal is to raise $150,000 by April 8 and over half of that amount has already been pledged — and this is only day one! I’ve had the privilege of attending a couple of Video Games Live concerts and was blown away each time, so I’m definitely looking forward to Level 5 so I can listen to more amazing video game music any time I want. Make sure to check out the trailer below.