In a financial briefing, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima answered an investor question about how the Wii U and 3DS would factor into the next financial period. While most of his answer seemed to be corporate-finance talk, he did slip in a few comments that catch the interest of us regular-type folk. After reiterating domestic and worldwide sales for the 3DS — 20 million and 45 million respectively — he said that they were hard at work on a few large-scale 3DS titles that hadn’t been announced yet. He added that the 3DS would continue to be a pillar for Nintendo in the upcoming financial season — good news, if not unexpected, for owners of the handheld platform. The 3DS has provided more and more high-profile titles since its lackluster launch, and it doesn’t look like that trend will be slowing down at all.

For the Wii U, Kimishima stated that the home console has sold only 10 million units worldwide, far less than it’s portable brother. However, Kimishima said that games like Splatoon and Super Mario Maker were big sellers and there are hopes for more titles like that in the future, an exciting prospect for those who like those games, although no specific details were shared. In regards to Nintendo’s new enterprises, such as the NX and their mobile games, Kimishima wouldn’t go into details at that time, as he stated he preferred to wait until they announced the forecasts for the upcoming season.

However, he did state that Nintendo is considering various developments and plans for the NX as it moves closer to release, although he refused to elaborate on what exactly that would mean. In regards to the mobile market, Kimishima admitted that Nintendo is curious as to how consumers will evaluate their mobile apps, stating that it’s important that their various IP’s should be recognizable as it’s unlikely that Nintendo’s mobile market will become big business in one fell swoop.

So while this specific announcement didn’t give us many details, Kimishima did give us a lot to look forward too, most notably those large-scale 3DS titles Hopefully we won’t need to wait too long for more news.