On February 9, Akira Himekawa shared new images from the Twilight Princess manga through their official Facebook page. The images depict Zant and a man that resembles Link. One Facebook user suggests that the latter could be an interpretation of “the Dark Interlopers”, which were a tribe of sorcerers who were banished by the Goddesses of Hyrule, eventually becoming the Twili race. They appear in-game during an abstract dream sequence, where they take the form of Dark Link. 


As reported a few days ago, Himekawa announced that the “manga series will start from February 8 on Japanese comic application Manga One by Shougakukan.” It is to be published every two weeks, though only in Japanese. There are plans to publish an English version but there is no official announcement yet made.


Akira Himekawa is the pen name of a duo of female comic book artists. Their other work includes Gliding Reki, My Little Pony, and GOLD RING.