Two weeks ago, we started publishing Zelda guides on Squareknot, a social network dedicated to beautiful step-by-step guides and tutorials. This week, we’re back with our third Squareknot guide: How to win the lottery in Majora’s Mask every time.

We’re publishing new Zelda guides on Squareknot every Monday, so make sure to follow us there. And tell us what guides you’d like to see on Squareknot in the comments!

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  • DimensionalRanger

    Why didn’t I think of this before?! It’s so obvious!

  • Oddmund Sandberg Klakken

    If I recall correctly, the winning numbers are available in the bombers notebook once you’ve tried winning the lottery, and you can find the winning numbers for each day there. And if that’s the case you don’t really need to write them down since the game does it for you

    • Joshua Lindquist

      Nice catch! Though, this would only be true in the 3DS remake. The Bombers’ Notebook is significantly less useful on the N64.