Supporters of voice acting in the Zelda games may want to take a step back for a minute because this is the cutest workaround ever.

In Hyrule Warriors Legends, as with the original Wii U game, both Link and Young Link “speak” with the help of the fairy Proxi, playing off how both incarnations had a fairy companion in their respective games. But the Link of The Wind Waker fame had no such fairy companion, so the developers were left with a small conundrum.

Enter Aryll, the younger sister of Link from The Wind Waker. Eager to help Link, she speaks up for him during battle in the same manner as Proxi. You can check her out in action in the video below, starting at around the 6:10 mark. Fans of The Wind Waker will be pleased to find she still affectionately refers to Link as “Big Brother.”

It seems odd for developers to worry about continuity in a game that throws Zelda canon into a blender, but little touches like this are the kinds of things that make a spin-off game great.

Hyrule Warriors Legends will be releasing outside of Japan on March 25, 2016.