This moment has been five years in the making, and boy, was it worth the wait. For those of you familiar with Terry Garrett, you will most likely know him for his incredible, ongoing playthrough of Ocarina of Time. See, Terry is completely blind — that’s right, not blindfolded; completely blind. And now, he has finally defeated Ganondorf and beat the game!

Using a smart and elaborate setup and with the aid of emulator save states, Terry relied entirely on Ocarina of Time‘s audio to play through the game from start to finish.

With some long hiatuses between videos in recent years, at some points it looked as though the playthrough might have been abandoned. Not only is it a relief and a pleasant surprise to see Terry return to his amazing adventure, it’s incredible to witness such an inspirational accomplishment.

I felt geniune pride watching Ganon fall before our blind hero, and it’s amazing to think that even someone without sight can enjoy one of the finest games of all time. Congratulations, Terry!

It’s a journey I’ve enjoyed immensely over the years, and one I hope that newcomers to Terry’s videos will also indulge themselves in. Below you’ll find the first upload in the Ocarina Let’s Play, wherein Terry walks us through how his setup enables him to play the game. If you enjoy it, be sure to head to Terry’s channel, where you can continue the playthrough and check out other games he has played.

Oh, and I’m still calling him the “Daredevil of Video Games”.

  • Bababooey

    How many of us would ever do something this amazing despite having most of our senses intact?

  • GreenLinkMaster

    as a gamer, I always felt that one of the worst parts of myself I could loose say to some accident or something, would be my vision or use of my hands, yah there are more important things, but say everything else was intact and fine other than one or both of those things, having to spend the rest of my life like that. I don’t know if I’d be able to handle that.
    no more games, no more anime, no more driving, no more use of my own computer. a lot of my independence gone. a lot of things would be lost with my vision and/or hands. but I would think if I ever say lost my legs, or my hearing, I could still play games and watch anime, so it would suck but wouldn’t be completely unbearable for me. loosing the things I enjoy most would be the worst.
    it’s awesome to see that beating a game like OoT can still happen even without sight, but I don’t think I could ever do that.

  • Abel Melgar

    Amazing story. Truly amazing. As a video gamer, it touches my heart to read his story. Also, knowing his dreams to work for NASA and go to space, it makes me realize how many meaningless barriers I have placed in front of me all the time. He is an outstanding role model and human being. I thank God for his existence.