Jenny Lehmann, a German artist, has shared Zelda fan art that develops upon the lore of Majora’s Mask. The artist writes: “While playing Majoras Mask you get to know a lot about the mask of Majora, that obviously caused lots of trouble … An evil soul lives in the mask and overtakes the mind of the stupid ones who wear the mask. At the end of the game you even see three states of incarnation of that soul – but you never get to know about the one who — probably — made it, or at least was eponym for it.” Lehmann speculates, “They meant to make Majora some kind of male god of war, but I always saw Majora as a woman.”


While the artists seeks to put a human face to the mask, the portrait asks more questions than it answers. What do you make of the character depicted and what does she imply about the history of the mask?

More of the artist’s work can be found through her DeviantArt page.

  • veeronic

    when I look at that mask I see the implied symbolism of a dragon.

  • Ryan Haney

    That is nice artwork, but kind of creepy and mysterious, too.

  • GreenLinkMaster

    those little horns make me think of the evil chancellor from spirit tracks. that little demon dude who served Mallodus. but a Silhouette that looks like him appears behind what is suppose to be demise as one of his servants in the opening to Skyward Sword. this makes me think Chancellor (Chole was it?) was a servant of Demse, so perhaps Mallodus was too? what’s this have to do with the picture? well I wouldn’t be the first to speculate that Major was a servant of Demise, or that the mask was one of his tools.

    • veeronic

      no… there’s one that might be Ghirahim but the rest have no discernible features of… anyone.

  • Isaac Cook

    I love it. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought of Majora as a woman.