A handmade Zelda-inspired hoodie is now available on Etsy, an online storefront for homemade and vintage items. Crafted by user skyrimfox, the hoodie was made using anti-pill fleece. The design has an extended hood based on Link’s hat, and a Hylian Shield sewn on the back. The item ships worldwide from Indiana, United States.


The hoodie comes in green, blue, red and shadow varieties. skyrimfox’s Etsy shop also hosts other video game-inspired designs, including an Assassin’s Creed hoodie.

The creator of the hoodie says: “I grew up playing The Legend of Zelda as a kid and I will always loved it [sic]. I especially love wearing this one around, I feel like I’m Link and all I would need is the master sword!”

The designs are envisioned for cosplayers who want comfort and warmth. All the hoodies have a “loose” fit to them.

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