In a recent interview with GameInformer, Aonuma talked about different aspects of the latest Zelda game for the Nintendo 3DS, Tri Force Heroes. In it, he delves a bit into the topic of voice acting in the game; more precisely, the voice-over Princess Styla received in the game’s North American trailer.

When asked if he had anything to do with the decision to voice the princess, Aonuma replied with a big, bold, “No”. He said Nintendo of Japan had nothing to do with that decision, and that if anything, he would have like for King Tuft to be the one who was voiced instead.

“Nintendo Japan […] had no influence or involvement on that trailer at all,” Aonuma revealed. “I do remember having a discussion though, about the Japanese trailer, which has the King Tuft speaking. I asked, ‘Why can’t the king speak in the American trailer?’ and the people we were speaking with said, ‘No, no. We really think the princess is best for this.’”

Who do you think suited the role for voice acting better? You can check out both versions below and decide for yourself.

If you want to read the rest of the interview and find out why a naked costume (That’s right, a naked costume. You just pictured Link naked, didn’t you?) was scrapped from the final game, you can head on over to the full interview here.