Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to attend a livestream at Nintendo’s official UK headquarters, where I played Tri Force Heroes ahead of the game’s official release. I played co-op with Nintendo UK Community Manager James Bowden and YouTube Arekkz Gaming, and had an amazingly fun time!

Many of you may know how fun the game is already, but those of you still on the fence on whether or not to delve into this spin-off title, maybe some of the highlights of the stream below might sway your opinion. For those who consider boss fights spoilers, you may want to stop here.

The first shows our fight against the Water Temple boss, Arrghus, which went surprisingly well as we co-ordinated our battle with a Water Rod and Gripshots. This level wasn’t as intimidating as another certain Water Temple I know!

We found this boss much more difficult, and the tension began to mount rapidly as we fell back to our last fairy. Find out below if we managed to overcome the vicious Blizzagia!

We ended the stream with a Coliseum Battle, the game’s versus mode. As a representative of Zelda Universe, I’m pleased to say I didn’t let you guys down!

Finally, here’s the full stream below. Thanks to everyone who tuned in!

I absolutely love this game, and have been addicted ever since I got to play with these two wonderful gents. I have no idea how they managed to drag me out of the building and remove my claws from that 3DS; I was ready to make it my new home. A big thank you again to Nintendo UK for reaching out to us and collaborating with Zelda Universe!