Last week I had the opportunity to attend Gamescom, and I have to say, it was quite impressive! The event has grown quite a bit compared to last year, and remains the biggest trade fair worldwide.

So, let’s take a look at the numbers together. The size of the fair has finally grown from 163,500m² in 2014 to 193,000m², but that’s not the only change they made. The layout of the fair has also been changed significantly. There was an entire hall dedicated to merchandise, and they expanded the event area so much that it got it’s own hall too. In the event hall, they held the modding championships and cosplay competitions. The business area has increased in size too; in order to reduce the amount of people who pass through the entrance of the business area they added two more entrances.

gamescom2014This is how the fair looked last year. It has grown significantly in size!

The visitor numbers have grown too. While we had 335,000 last year, a total of 345,000 visitors rummaged through the halls this year. Of those 345,000 people were 33,200 trade visitors (compared to 31,500 in 2014). Exhibitor numbers have grown too, from 703 exhibitors (47 countries) in 2014 to 806 from 45 different countries in 2015.

The amount of press remains the same as last year with a total of 6,000 people being accredited.

Boulevard NordBoulevard Nord was overwhelming! Looking at the pictures alone makes it seem surreal.

It was overwhelming. The halls were flooded with people, but thanks to the additional space added, it wasn’t too full.

All these numbers seem impressive, but without anything to compare them to they are meaningless. Just to give you an idea about the size of Gamescom in comparison to other events, let’s take a look at E3, arguably the largest gaming event of the year. This year, E3 scored a total of 52,200 visitors roaming through 557,000m² of game-related goodness; a fraction of the aforementioned amount who attended Gamescom.

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