Gashapon is the term for the popular vending machines in Japan and elsewhere that dispense capsule toys. If you can name it, there’s probably a gashapon machine dedicated to it. These go beyond the cheap 25 cent toys that you find in your local grocery store. Gashapon capsules are high quality, and can run from $1-$6 a pop; the rare ones go for a lot more online.

Popular gashapon maker Takara Tomy has added to the plethora of gashapon toys with these miniature Nintendo controller key chains. Each one is fitted with an LED that lights up at the push of a button, and features accurate detail. The controllers include the Famicom, the Super Famicom, the N64, and the Wii, which is represented with both a black and white Wii remote.

Gashapon capsule toys controllers ad

Gashapon are dispensed randomly, but NCSX Toys & Games is gathering and selling the complete set for $22.99. If you want to give your keys a retro feel you can hit up the product page for some closeups of the key chains alongside the buying and shipping information.