As someone who studied fashion design throughout high school, I can say this Zelda handmade messenger bag has been made to perfection with small details that really count. DeviantArt user Skinz-N-Hydez personally made this functional accessory featuring brass rivets and hardware, with multi-dyed leather pieces.

The themed bag is made entirely of leather, and to give it a nice aged look, he took advantage of dying it different shades of brown. I wouldn’t suggest using this bag in the rain based on the work that went into making it, but it is slightly water-resistant to a small degree.

Zelda Messenger Bag Pic

Skinz-N-Hydez made a limited quantity of this product available on his Etsy shop for the large price of $355.90 and $434.99 USD. With tons of love and care being put in this bag, you’ll want to show it off at any occasion!

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