Akira Himekawa, who is the creator of the Legend of Zelda manga series, has put together a tribute for the fallen Nintendo president Satoru Iwata in spectacular fashion.

In addition, Akira Himekawa is teaming up with Tokyo Otaku Mode in order to give fans an outlet to communicate their condolences of Iwata’s passing to Nintendo and the family of Satoru Iwata. All you have to do is comment on this post, and if you are contributing original artwork, make sure to also include a message along with your piece. All messages will be collected by midnight on July 20, 2015. After each message is followed by a name, they will be put together into a special layout and sent to a Nintendo representative.


Show your support and take a brief moment of your time to share in the heartfelt loss of one of gaming’s most endearing figures, Satoru Iwata. I know I sure will!

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