The passing of Satoru Iwata was a shock to us all. For years, Mr. Iwata has been one of the most beloved individuals in the gaming industry, continuously pushing Nintendo forward towards innovation and expanding the gaming market beyond the traditional “gamer”. People from all over the world have poured out their support for Mr. Iwata and his family. Some are complete strangers, and others good friends.

Nintendo of Japan and Nintendo of America flew their respective flags at half-staff as a tribute to the company’s former president.



Nintendo World has also offered up a memorial of sorts, giving fans a place where they can stop by and write in several booklets to offer their condolences for the passing of Nintendo’s iconic president. As one can see in the photo below, many have lengthy words to share about Iwata-san, which is only natural given how passionate Nintendo fans are and how much Iwata contributed to making Nintendo into what it is today.


Nintendo of America’s headquarters was littered by fans with flowers, along with a few drawings and even an amiibo in order to pay respect to the fallen president.


Iwata’s good friend and colleague Reggie Fils-Aime also had some special words to share concerning the man he has spent so many years working with.

“Mr. Iwata is gone, but it will be years before his impact on both Nintendo and the full video game industry will be fully appreciated. He was a strong leader for our company, and his attributes were clear to most everyone: Intelligence, creativity, curiosity and sense of humor. But for those of us fortunate enough to work closely with him, what will be remembered most were his mentorship and, especially, his friendship. He was a wonderful man. He always challenged us to push forward…to try the new…to upset paradigms—and most of all, to engage, excite and endear our fans. That work will continue uninterrupted.”

And finally, even Mr. Miyamoto had a message to convey about his fallen friend.

With the outcry of support from friends and fans all over the world, Nintendo will continue to carry on Iwata’s legacy of quality, innovation, and most of all, putting smiles on people’s faces.

May you rest in peace Iwata-san. You will be greatly missed.

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