Ocarina of Time is a classic tale in the Zelda mythos. In fact, many people regard it to be the greatest game of all time. zeldacw of DeviantArt has painted a portrait portraying the Hero of Time getting some peace and quiet, which is much needed after all his battles with Ganondorf’s minions. Ocarina of Time is a beloved game in the view of fans and is still regarded as one of the greatest games of all time. This beautiful painting, titled “Some Peace and Quiet for Our Hero of Time” by zeldacw portrays something we haven’t seen, and that is the our hero getting some much-needed rest with the beloved Princess Zelda. As it is Friday, some rest is what we all need!

  • DimensionalRanger

    The Hero of Time is the hero that has the darkest fate of all the other heroes *cough* Hero’s Shade *cough*. He definitely deserves a good rest and some TLC by Zelda. If any Zelda game was given enough detail to seem real (here’s looking at you MM and TP) it would jump to the M rating. I mean, come on, from a realistic perspective, the feats of any Hero, or princess for that matter, of the series is nothing short of legendary. Ahh, Hyrule, the land of legends that is only barely delved into with the present games and that is very underrated in these days of FPS, MOBA and MMO RPGs.

    If you’re still reading this, congratulations for enduring through this far, and good for you for being a Zelda fan! 🙂

    • DimensionalRanger

      Now if I could only find a way to save this picture…

      • JasonBall

        Try finding it on deviantart. You usually can from there.

        • DimensionalRanger

          Ok, thanks.

  • Amanda

    I ship them so hard.

  • You speak the truth,
    as usual Ryan! How liberating is it to delete 3000 posts and start again!
    That would be so fun