I was fortunate enough to play Tri Force Heroes at E3 2015. This incredibly charming game may not have been the Zelda game that everyone was looking forward to, but it is incredibly fun, engaging, and has a very cool art style. Purrple-Kat of DeviantArt has put together a piece titled “Ever heard of Triforce heroes“, which depicts the three different Links found in the game in all its cuteness and glory. The art truly reflects the charm that the game expresses, and Purrple-Kat did a wonderful job with the various facial expressions Link puts on.

I can’t wait for others to have the chance to experience the same excitement I did playing the game, it is simply that good!

  • Ryan Haney

    That didn’t take long to become fan art.
    Those hearts in the background remind me of something, I can’t quite think of it though.

  • DimensionalRanger

    The pain is real, hurts so much… Nintendo, how could you do this to me? This isn’t the Legend of Zelda if there isn’t even Zelda involved at all! Trying to discover the truth behind an island with an egg? Ok. Fighting against an evil from a parralel world? Good. Trying to save a country from the moon falling? Nice. But trying to help a princess that’s not even Zelda get out of a unstylish dress? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! THAT’S NOT EVEN WORTH A LEGEND!! Haa.. Haa.. Haa.. I’m getting too worked up about this… I need some of grandma’s soup. T-T