Many fans have been voicing their opinion on this year’s Digital Event, and Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has stated on Twitter that he has been closely listening to those opinions. Twitter user @Cheesemeister3k kindly provides a translation.

While there has been hype around many of the recently revealed titles, there has of course been some negativity in fan feedback too. Most of this has been directed at Metroid Prime: Federation Force and StarFox Zero, with complaints mainly directed at the quality of the games’ graphics and the fact that the new Metroid is a spin-off title which doesn’t follow the series’ tradition.

It is good that Iwata is listening to what people have to say about their events, because this way he knows what did and didn’t work. Hopefully, this will help lead to a more informed decision on what to release and show off in future Digital Events. Even though this year’s E3 didn’t quite meet my expectations, I am pretty sure Nintendo still has great stuff yet to show, like Zelda Wii U, which has been confirmed to be shown at a later, unconfirmed date.