Many fans have been voicing their opinion on this year’s Digital Event, and Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has stated on Twitter that he has been closely listening to those opinions. Twitter user @Cheesemeister3k kindly provides a translation.

While there has been hype around many of the recently revealed titles, there has of course been some negativity in fan feedback too. Most of this has been directed at Metroid Prime: Federation Force and StarFox Zero, with complaints mainly directed at the quality of the games’ graphics and the fact that the new Metroid is a spin-off title which doesn’t follow the series’ tradition.

It is good that Iwata is listening to what people have to say about their events, because this way he knows what did and didn’t work. Hopefully, this will help lead to a more informed decision on what to release and show off in future Digital Events. Even though this year’s E3 didn’t quite meet my expectations, I am pretty sure Nintendo still has great stuff yet to show, like Zelda Wii U, which has been confirmed to be shown at a later, unconfirmed date.

  • Vorsun

    While it is good that he’s listening, I hope he doesn’t try to cater to every opinion out there.

  • Randy

    maybe this will teach him that we actually want a legit F-zero and Metroid game

    • Brad Setzer

      It’s been 12 years since F-Zero GX on the GameCube. We are LONG overdue a legit console F-Zero. I just don’t know if they will ever make a new one… *Sigh*

  • Glought

    People really complaining about StarFox Zero’s Graphics it looks great to me. I’m not someone that cares about graphics. Gamers theses days seem to want ultra realistic graphics in every game.
    if the game doesn’t have those ultra realistic graphics they bash the game. Its starting to get annoying.

    • Sam Curtis

      agreed, and it’s kinda hard to make an ultra realistic graphic centered game when your basing your game around a fictional reality where animals talk and fly star fighters and tanks. Il take my yarn, cell shaded, and other alternate artistic games over super realistic any day. And the point of games is to escape the real world anyways.

    • Brad Setzer

      StarFox’s visuals look fine to me. Honestly, I wish Nintendo would create a console that was actually ahead of the competition for once so that people would shut the heck up about Nintendo being inferior.

    • Mystachi

      People really forget Nintendo’s Golden Rule. Gameplay > Graphic, I wish more game companies thought that way.
      If they want graphic so badly, they should go with a heavy gaming PC.

      I think Nintendo’s Graphic is totally fine. & most games super colorful, which I really like.

  • Brad Setzer

    It’s good that Nintendo is listening. Nintendo needs to make games that fans want. After all… Nintendo is a business and they must do what they need to do to make money.

  • Paul Lashomb

    Wait, why are people complaining about Star Fox Zero?? That was probably the only game that they announced that actually looked any good, aside from the Xenoblade X, of course.

  • Ryan Haney

    Star Fox 0, and Xenoblade Chronicles X are the two games that I’m most excited about from the Digital Event. Watching the Treehouse staff show off all the stuff you can do with Super Mario Maker has made me want that, too. I think the Twitch video doesn’t show off the graphics at their highest quality, so that may effect some of the dumber people who are complaining about graphic quality.

  • Ryan Haney

    I just watched the Star Fox 0 trailer on the eShop and it looks a lot better on there than on Twitch.

  • ZeldaChamp1

    I think star fox looks amazing and fedaration force looks fun! And I can’t wait to see more zelda U! 🙂

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