It’s not that easy being evil, but it certainly has its perks — such as getting an album dedicated to your wickedness.

Not long ago we featured Rozen’s “May We Meet Again,” an emotional rendition of Fi’s last moments with Link in Skyward Sword. Now, Rozen is working on something entirely different, switching sides to dedicate four new songs to Twilight Princess’s King of Evil, Ganondorf.

Releasing in July, Rozen’s “King of Light and Shadow” album will feature tracks inspired by the final battles in Twilight Princess. From fighting a possessed Zelda, to taking down the beast that is Ganon, and finally chasing the King of Evil down on horseback in Hyrule Field for a final battle, the fight against Ganondorf in Twilight Princess is nothing short of amazing. “King of Light and Shadow” looks to capture that same feeling.

The album will feature four tracks:

  • “Climbing the Tower (Hyrule’s Castle)”
  • “King of Light and Shadow”
  • “Puppet Zelda”
  • “Dark Lord Ganondorf”

In the teaser video below, you’ll hear previews of three of the tracks. Can you place them to their names?

This will be Rozen’s first full album with all four songs released as one package. The release date and pricing is not yet determined; however, the album will be available for purchase through iTunes, Loudr, Amazon MP3, and Google Play.

We’ll post an update once the album becomes available. Until then, you can check out more of Rozen’s work in Legend of Zelda music and beyond on Soundcloud, and you can support him on Loudr. Be sure to keep up with Rozen’s updates, since a larger project which includes music from A Link Between Worlds is aimed for the fall.