When Skyward Sword was released, many wondered who the main villain of the game would be, as it took place pre-Ocarina of Time and before the time of Ganondorf. Demise was alluded to by his servant Ghirahim throughout the game, but it wasn’t until the end that we were able to witness his true form.

The final battle with Demise is one of the most epic boss battles the Zelda series has ever put forth, taking place in the realm of Demise, which gives him the upper hand. Link becomes victorious, but Demise puts up a tremendously difficult fight.

Today’s pick for Fanart Friday, “VsDemise” by R-SRaven of DeviantArt, is a drawing depicting this battle which so large in both size and scope. Being one of my personal favorite battles in the franchise to date, this is why I picked “VsDemise” by R-SRaven for today’s Fanart Friday.