For veteran speedrunners, Ocarina of Time is a fan favorite to play. Time and time again records are broken for this game, and it seems that Twitch streamer ‘skater8827‘ is the newest victor. Clocking in at an impressive 17 minutes and 47 seconds, the completion was assisted using a myriad of tools that exploit certain glitches and sequence breaking.

Some spectators of the speedrunning art argue that there isn’t a true victory if an emulation is used that exploits certain glitches. These are called “Tool-Assisted Speedruns” (or simply “TAS”). Most emulators are accepted in general speedrunning competitions, although there are several that are banned for each console. For games like Ocarina of Time, in most cases the Japanese version will be used since the text dialogue scrolls at a faster rate and cuts off precious time.

You can be the judge of whether or not this speedrun has proved itself worthy. Please note: As a forewarning, there is a bit of foul language during the stream, so screen for the little Hylians.