Almost every game has its share of bugs and glitches, and the Zelda series is no exception. One of the most famous glitches of any game comes from Ocarina of Time. The swordless Link glitch is very easy to reproduce and many other glitches within the game can only be produced by using it. In the end, it can lead to some unexpected fun. However, other glitches can break the game and lead to corrupt save files, so remember to attempt them at your own risk.

A+Start is known on YouTube for his series Son of a Glitch, where he covers glitches from many different games. In this video, Andy goes after glitches found within Link’s Awakening DX. Some of the glitches shown in the video are moon walking, screen warping, hookshot jumping, and more. One thing to note is that the glitches you see in DX can be reproduced in both versions of Link’s Awakening, but the glitches seen in the original game cannot be performed in the DX version.

Whether they are good or bad, glitches are always fun to discover and try to recreate. What are your thoughts on the glitches Andy chose to show off? Do you know of any glitches that aren’t shown in the video?