The much-anticipated Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS DLC arrived later last week, featuring the arrival of fan favorite Mewtwo, along with a patch to balance the game further. In addition to “buffing” and “nerfing” characters like Ganondorf and Sheik (respectively), it appears that various players have mentioned a bug that could possibly keep the player from playing online.

SSB4 MewTwo

The bug is triggered when a user plays one of the various single-player modes, like Classic or All-Star. If the user attempts to play online after downloading the DLC and playing single-player modes, he or she might be unable to actually connect online. This is rather alarming, considering the online matches are a huge draw for the title.

Luckily, Nintendo has already stated they are addressing the issue, and recommend avoiding single player modes. In addition, regular Smash, Smash Tour (for Wii U), and online gameplay don’t seem to be affected, nor trigger the bug.