Hiding your true feelings from your crush is hard, but imagine having to conceal your identity too. After a while, the deception becomes too much. That’s what Zelda had to deal with in Ocarina of Time when she became Sheik. DeviantArt user Queen-Zelda illustrates the incognito princess’s inner turmoil in this picture, entitled “I’m Sorry for Everything”. Zelda, disguised as Sheik, completely breaks down as she tells Link the truth about who she is, apologizing for all the secrets and lies, and for roping him into the whole “saving the world” thing. Link, being the gentleman his is, simply holds her as she cries on his shoulder. Sigh … I love ZeLink. Amazing work Queen-Zelda!


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  • DimensionalRanger

    Hits you right there…

  • MischievousLittleImp

    This is awesome! Sheik is one of my favorite characters from the Zelda series, and this is very touching! Great work!

    But I still prefer MidLink:

    • Way of the Sheikah

      Same here, though I have nothing against ZeLink fans. I also like MalLink. But yeah, MidLink is my fav, 😉

  • Ryan Haney

    This is a high quality picture. I like the idea of Link and Zelda being together… I just don’t like the term “ZeLink” or “Brangalina” or whatever.

    • CEObrainz

      Never heard of that second one but I’m in the same boat.

      • Ryan Haney

        It’s the gossip magazine name for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The only reason I know it is because they talk about it on the Tonight Show.

        • CEObrainz

          Ahh, okay.

    • Talmor

      Yeah…some of the pairing shorthands I see get really weird or awkward (like ‘Stalka’ as in How to Train Your Dragon 2 for Stoick and Valka – it just looks like the word ‘stalker’ and its just a bit creepy….). I can see why it flourished, though because it takes up less space in the summary bar and there’s usually only so many available characters….

  • Azadi Means Freedom

    This is remarkable!

  • Izzy

    awesome pictures 🙂

  • zelda

    I recognize that art style. You might not wanna look at the artist’s other works if you don’t wanna see other… stuff…