The newest addition to The Legend of Zelda series has fans waiting with baited breath for its release. Most of the series’ sense of adventure and mystery comes from the brilliant mind of game designer and producer, Eiji Aonuma. Recently, Aonuma sat down with Nintendo UK online magazine Nintendo Extra about his favorite parts of the game and what players can expect for future installments.

“…as the area…gets bigger, you gain courage, which makes you more curious about the world around you.”

One of the most beloved, albeit sometimes frustrating, elements of The Legend of Zelda games would be the harrowing puzzles that you need to solve in order to get to the next part of the quest. Aonuma stated that often it takes a great team of developers to create a finalized puzzle for the game and that his favorites are ones that change the player’s perspective:

“.. in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for Nintendo 3DS, you usually proceed through a 3D map, watching the action from a top-down perspective. However, when you push against a wall and use a special technique, you can become a living, walking painting!”

Aonuma goes on to explain that integrating the hardware the Nintendo consoles provide is important when creating a flagship Legend of Zelda title and that the Wii U gamepad will undoubtedly be a huge part in the newest arrival. Aonuma’s goal is to take the next unnamed Wii U game to an entirely different level in terms of exploration and adventure.

Although having an open world environment would be a new concept to most of us who grew up with the saga, Aonuma is confident fans will welcome it with open arms. “At first, you might worry about what might happen if you’re not able to return home, but as the area you’re able to explore gets bigger, you gain courage, which makes you more curious about the world around you. It feels like you’re growing, somehow. I want people to enjoy this sensation when they play the game,” Aonuma explains.

Aonuma Shows Zelda U

Undoubtedly, a lot of us have grown up with The Legend of Zelda games and it is exciting to see what new adventure awaits us with the upcoming Wii U release. Link, no matter the form or the timeline, has always been one of the iconic pinnacles of exploration in the video game industry. As we grow, so does our green-clad protagonist and Aounuma hopes to provide us with as many of these new experiences as possible.

  • Thomas Andersen

    I like what I hear! I just beg to all the gods that it wont be as empty and boring(overworld wise) as Skyward Sword! + We need even greater Puzzles, that challanges us in even more creative ways! Id love to be stuck on something, like I was when I was a kid!!:)

    The dungones in WW ex. was a breeze.. felt more like work than play. The dungeons in ALBW at least felt more fun, but they need to expand on this.. axpand on creativity, and not simplisity!

    Im a bit done with the simple idea of; Go left, find the key.. then go right, use the key.. then repeat! Hope to see some truly challangeing puzzles and ideas that let the player dig deep for an answer!!:)

    + REWARDING Structures for Exploration! Not Heart Pieces and Rupies only! Rare items, rare collectables.. misslabe items and collectables! When finding these, we should feel unique and excited that we actually where able to find it!!:) 100% completion should not be for everyone, it should be for the ones investing Lots of time in the game, only!!:)

    • DarkScot

      Goddesses* 😉

  • Noshpan

    I could go for less hand-holding, even early on in the game. I understand that the developers are most likely working on the assumption that most of the people playing a Zelda game are new at Zelda games, but I’m not. And it gets frustratingly old after awhile. Also, it would be nice if, in some future Zelda game, before starting the game for the first time, if we could choose the option to play as either the traditional male Link or as a female Link. The name was originally given to the protagonist because the character was the “link” between the player and the game. I’m not saying “go for all out customization” (there are already others asking for that), I think the option to choose guy/gal before play would be nice.

    • Tan San

      especially since voice acting isn’t a thing, so implementing the story to fit your choice would be extremely easy.

      • Zelda Fan Guy

        I had thought in one of these interviews it was mentioned that Zelda for Wii U was going to utilize voice acting for the first time…

        • Mike Allen

          It wouldn’t be the first time a developer cut out something they openly discussed being in a game.

    • Alexis de Champris

      Aonuma said he wants to put less handholding in the game. He saw that one of SS’s major complaints was the handholding, and so, he doesn’t want to make the mistake again:

      Let’s hope he keeps his promise!

      • Thomas Andersen

        Yes, SS made the player feel extremely dumb, all the time.. nothing felt like an accomplishment! The biggest failure in SS was the extreme hand holding! Second was the Dowsing.. and third, the fact that the in game structures wherent really needed; Like rupies, heart pieces and material..

        • Mike Allen

          If Japan is guilty of anything over the years, it’s assuming it’s western consumers are mindless idiots.

    • Thomas Andersen

      The first idea of yours; Spot on!!!! Ps; Most people playing Zelda are veterans.. Zelda struggles when it comes to the younger generation, and honestly, hand holding is just pushing them further away!

      Second idea… nah, Link is a boy! If they ever are to incl. a female, it needs to be someone else, a new character all together! Link is a boy, and he should remain a boy for as long as Zelda exists!:)

    • Dusk

      I kind of like that idea but I am afraid of change.

      • Noshpan

        Well, with it being an option, people can still opt to play male Link. One feature that I had liked with Pokemon (Gen 2+) was that the character I’m playing could be either gender.

  • deferet

    The one thing I really hated in skyward sword, and I really hope they don’t do this in the new one, was when you were collecting materials and it stopped the game so that you could hold it, and every time you quit and came back, you would have to do it all over again. I just want to collect the materials, and not have to oggle over it every time I get one, I can accept doing that for big items, but not for ones that you’re going to be collecting again and again

    • Soeroah

      My favourite comment on this issue was “Skyward Sword has a pretty obvious bug: the information on what item you’ve picked up only happens the first time you pick it up each session”.

  • Bruh

    What does he mean by “return home?”

    • midna

      exactly my thoughts, maybye your hometown or something?

  • 17Haru17 .

    My main concerns are what the nonlinear dungeon order might do to the narrative (potentially either too convoluted or too light).

    That and that the open world might homogenize the level design; trading quality and novelty for quantity.

  • Richard Rahl

    “open world environment”
    “but as the area you’re able to explore gets bigger”
    These things are not the same.Open world means you have the entire map open to you, not just a part: that was how previous zelda’s worked

  • John

    you know what would be a pretty quirky idea? since the wii u has a microphone inside the gamepad, why dont they enable you using your own voice to voice out Link when he interacts with other characters in the game. There has been for the longest time trying to find a perfect voice for Link right? so wouldn’t putting your own voice feel more interactive, make you feel more like the heroin yourself? It’s just an idea

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