Move over ReDeads, because these dresses are officially the coolest thing when it comes to the living dead and ZeldaLiving Dead Clothing has a wicked range of Zelda-themed clothing including leggings, dresses and bikinis. They’ve recently released some new Zelda designs and to celebrate they’ve given us two skater dresses to give away.

The dresses up for grabs are the Chibi Zelda Skater and Hylian Shield Skater. We’re giving them away on our Facebook page, so head over there to enter. You simply need to like and comment on the Facebook post, gaining one entry for a like and one for a comment. Two winners will then be drawn at random.

The giveaway ends at midnight on Saturday February 28, US Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8).


The Chibi Zelda Skater has a bright and colorful design featuring a collage of various Zelda characters in toon or chibi style. The top is form-fitting while the skirt is loose and swishy. It’s sure to turn heads!


The Hylian Shield Skater is based on the classic Hylian shield. Blue in color, the Hylian royal crest and Triforce stand out.


The Chibi Zelda design is also available in leggings, swimsuit, bikini, bodycon dress and kaftan. For those who are in love with Majora’s Mask right now, there’s also an amazing pair of Majora’s Mask leggings.


  • Trinosaur

    omg these are BEAUTIFUL

  • Soeroah

    Why is that last model smuggling bricks in her shoes?

  • Sarah Loya

    I want it alll!!!! OmG!! Love it love it love it…. ^-^

  • Amanda

    I need both of these dresses to wear at E3!

  • Whitney LeSueur

    I assume the maximum number of entries is two, correct? One for a like and one for a comment, with multiple comments not increasing the number of entries past two?

  • May F Gatzke

    I love both of them XD

  • Ima Badlady

    Ehhhh… these are cool, but I resent the fact that they basically take one print and duplicate it all over an article of clothing and then ask a mint for the clothes. I’d love a dress with a Majora print on it, but I’ll never pay a huge sum of money for something that looks like a high school collage project.

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  • Kyli Gayle Larson

    Love love love the stained glass dress! Would be a great addition to my collection! ?????