The preliminary sales figures for Majora’s Mask 3D are in! When compared to the sales results from A Link Between Worlds’ first week’s performance, Majora’s Mask 3D held its ground, and then some. The data presented encompasses the first three days the titles were sold in North America and the first two days of sales in Europe. As the graph shows, Majora’s Mask 3D sold approximately 350,000 units in North America and roughly 225,000 units in Europe, easily eclipsing the sales for A Link Between Worlds during that same sales period in both territories.

Despite the fact that Majora’s Mask 3D was so vastly hyped, it is rather surprising that it outsold A Link Between Worlds by such a large margin given the latter was a holiday release and appealed to so many old-time Zelda fans.

Will this have any bearing with regards to how Nintendo will approach Link’s next handheld adventure? Maybe we’ll have yet another remake on our hands.

  • Thomas Andersen

    A “N64 Zelda 3” for the 3DS in 4years from now would be amazing! Running on the same engine as Oot and MM!!:)

    • CEObrainz

      I’ve wanted that for ages, will be a shame to not see this potential sequel on a home console, but the 3DS is the next best thing.

      • Thomas Andersen

        I dont think it will come on a home console.. It makes more sense to do what they did with ALBW, now that they already perfected the engine for the 3DS!:) I dont think we will get it next year though, im pretty sure they are developing another type of 3DS Zelda in the mean time, time will tell! But as you say, the 3DS is the next best thing, and its pretty good.

        I do cramp up if I play to long though, Im not able to pefect the way I hold the 3DS, its a bit to slim and the bottons are a bit low for a perfect grip, but buttons up on the 3DS screen(which would be perfect for my hands) wouldnt be all that fitting, generally speaking.. ah well!:)

        • CEObrainz

          I don’t know if ALBW runs on the same engine as MM & OOT but it does make sense for a sequel to use the same engine as the latter to at least give a sense of continuity.

          The handheld itself does look like it would be bad for your hands after a long session….

          • Thomas Andersen

            It doesnt run on the same engine! Im drawing a paralell since ALBW was a sequel to ALTTP(same type of engine, not the same, but similar in style).. in the same way, I hope they make a Sequel to Oot and MM that will run on that engine!:)

            Yes, its not perfect for my hands.. But I dont play long stretches like I used to when I was young, anymore so thats dealable for me!:)

          • CEObrainz

            Oh I see what you mean, from a development point of view I don’t think it’s like that, but I understand what you mean. A sequel to the Hero of Time games would only make sense with the same version of the engine used for the 3D remakes.

            I’d hope that they take the time to make new models though as the “familiar” character that MM used from OOT won’t go well in my opinion.

          • Thomas Andersen

            From what I know they used the same engine for Oot 3D and MM 3D and another one for ALBW!:)

            Im not sure, but you might be right about the models! Perhaps they could re-use 50% of them, then change 50% of them.. but again, it worked to well from Oot to MM, it might even work one more time, I dont know!:) Either way, it could be a great way to continue the experiementation, and we might get another different but amazing Zelda game, perhaps a combination of MM and OOt + something new = Lots of Side Quests but More Dungeons, bigger world and another kind of structure that would be creative and fun! Time will tell!

          • CEObrainz

            Well the only real reason they used the same character models is due to time constraints. I can’t imagine the handheld team is in that position again, especially that a 3DS owner has access to 5 DS Zelda games and some more using the Virtual Console.

            If there was a 3rd instalment, I’d expect there to be side-quests similar to MM with more dungeons, the setting is up for debate (although returning to Hyrule would be nice).

          • Thomas Andersen

            Yes, true! If they where to do it again, it would be because of choice, not time, so yeah, they probably would do something different.

            I would want to go back to Hyrule for the third one, at least not for the entire game.. if its going to be a sequel to both games, Hyrule couldnt be changed, so yeah, Id like Link to journey further, see where he goes after he leaves Termina! After all, he is searching for Navi in MM.. but, as we know, he never finds Navi in that game!!:)

          • CEObrainz

            I think the most interesting thing would be if they decide to have Link die at the end of the game or not. Most fans are probably wondering how the Hero of Time even became the Hero Shade from Twilight Princess.

          • Thomas Andersen

            Hm, I think that will Never happen! Makes no sense to kill us off after we defeat the final boss.. again, time will tell, but I honestly have absolutely no believe they will do that, even in Oot, the storyline is told as if he dies, but the game itself does not kill you off!

            Thats my view on it! Playing a game for 50-200hours, then get killed off in the ending scene.. no, not likely!:)

          • CEObrainz

            Maybe not like that, but an ending where Link goes to the after-life, to give an example the first series of Yu-Gi-Oh! had the Pharaoh leaving after they did everything, him moving to some sort of afterlife. I’d image Link could do something similar as a sort of sacrifice to prevent Hyrule (and perhaps Termina) from facing destruction (after beating the final boss). At least then we’d get to see why Hero Shade regrets not passing on his skills.

          • Thomas Andersen

            Perhaps, im not sure I would’nt like that though! I want Link to live!:) Killing of our Heros and favorites should be kept to Game of Thrones.. not Zelda, hehe!:)

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  • Vladislak

    This actually kinda depresses me. I mean don’t get me wrong, MM is an awesome game an the hype for it was through the roof, but it’s always kinda sad when a remake dramatically outsells a new game… Especially since ALBW was an awesome game in it’s own right.

    Oh well, c’est la vie. I hope everyone is enjoying their game.

  • Benjamin

    I much prefer 3D Zelda to 2D, and found a Link between worlds to be a huge disappointment in almost every respect. I’d be hard-pressed to recommend a Link between worlds to anyone, so I’m hoping for a new game in the same style/3d as OOT and MM. Not another remake, mind, but that kind of world and gameplay.

    That would be my ideal, anyway.

  • scepia

    ALBW was the more original game for sure and I’m sad it wasn’t a huge success – especially when you see how many units CoD and GTA sell. That being said, it’s OoT and MM that are next in line for spiritual successors.

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