• CEObrainz

    This might sound simple and all but moving from the main site to the forums is just cool.

  • Rotfl Master

    Well it’s about time 🙂

  • The Fanatic of Zelda

    As I said on the previous news, my password is not accepted on the new forum and I never received the email after choosing “Forgot Password”.

    • Silver

      Make a new account on the forums and then PM me. I’ll help you out.

      • The Fanatic of Zelda

        I tried, but the activation email doesn’t get sent either (And I checked my spam folder).

  • Orion

    My old profile doesn’t exist anymore for some strange reason, so I had to make a new one. The major downside with this though is that I can’t get the confirmation email to be sent.

  • Andrew St. Croix

    Good to see the forums finally back. The layout’s pretty awful though. Hope we see skins similar to the old ones soon. Been on White since it was released.

  • Redde

    Ugh. I hate the new design. There’s waaay too much space wasted in the topic list. Before it showed like 1/2 the page at once, now it shows like 1/8…