As the excitement builds for Majora’s Mask 3D, I constantly catch myself humming the game’s incredible music, which in turn sends me straight to YouTube so I can listen to various fan-arrangements of the soundtrack. In celebration of the game’s launch this Friday, YouTube artist The CloudRunner has just released a Majora’s Mask album entitled: A Terrible Fate (72 Hours Remain).

In the fashion of “Let’s Plays”, The CloudRunner plays the music of Majora’s Mask in what he likes to call a “Let’s Rock” series of videos, featuring his performance alongside footage from the game. Seventy-two Hours Remain is the first of three installments of his Majora’s Mask musical journey. The other two sets, 48 Hours and 24 Hours, are expected to follow in March and April, as he releases a new music video every Monday and Friday, up until the finale in mid-May.

The CloudRunner is no newcomer to Zelda music. Just last year he brought us Unto Ocean’s End, in which he plays the songs from Wind Waker. You can download the entirety of 72 Hours Remain, and enjoy a teaser of the album in the video below.

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