From the creators of Skull Kid; A Zelda Legend comes another enchanting fan-made production from director Jared Potter. Creatures of Hyrule is a web series starring our tunic-clad hero in a brand new set of adventures. The series has been in production for over a year and brings The Legend of Zelda saga that we all know and love to a live action environment. Potter’s production of Skull Kid, which revolved around the familiar character from Nintendo’s Majora’s Mask, was released in December of 2013 and met with great success, gaining nearly 700,000 views and was first featured on Machinima’s YouTube channel.

Each episode of Creatures of Hyrule will see a different antagonist of the gaming series brought to life for viewers. The first installment stars our favorite Hylian hero and the infamous Poe, who first appeared in A Link to the Past in 1992.

The series is currently still in production with episode two still in the works. For more information about the series and updates on future releases, stay tuned to its official Facebook page.