While the Majora’s Mask Pack for Hyrule Warriors has been released in Europe and in Japan, it has yet to be released in North America. With fans waiting anxiously for Hyrule Warriors’ third DLC set to hit the North American eShop, Nintendo Life has shown us some of what to expect from the latest DLC pack.

New Outfits

There are several new outfits in the highly anticipated Majora’s Mask Pack for Hyrule Warriors. For instance, Impa sports her classic Ocarina of Time getup, ready to take on the enemies of Hyrule, spear in hand. While her look is similar to that of her Hyrule Warriors counterpart, it is clear that Impa’s design in Hyrule Warriors took inspiration from both Ocarina of Time Impa and Skyward Sword Impa.


Sheik also has a brand new costume in Hyrule Warriors’ latest DLC. Instead of the updated costume found in the game proper, she now wears a slightly altered version of her disguise that is taken straight out of Ocarina of Time. Considering this is the Majora’s Mask Pack, it is no surprise that these two brand new costumes are inspired by their Hero of Time-era counterparts.


The final new outfit in the pack is quite possibly the most memorable, with Lana wearing the Skull Kid’s garb. As Lana was one of the most charming characters in Hyrule Warriors, and a newcomer to the franchise at that, it seems only fitting that she is the one who wears the classic attire of one of the fiercest foes that Link has ever faced. She’s even standing on the Great Deku Tree!


Adventure Map

The Majora’s Mask Pack also includes a brand new Adventure Map. Set in the land of Termina, time is a factor in this brand new map like in Majora’s Mask, with one hour passing after each battle that is fought. Players will have 72 “hours” to complete the map, similar to how Link only has 72 hours to save Termina. When the counter hits zero, the moon will come crashing down and the map will reset to its default state.


While the map resets though, you will not lose your Item Cards, stage ranks, Rupees, materials, or weapons. There is but one way to stop the counter on the Majora’s Mask Adventure Map and prevent the moon from crashing down, and that is to find the Dark Ruler who lurks somewhere in Termina. Who is this mysterious figure? We’ll just have to wait to find out!


While the Majora’s Mask Pack offers some great costumes and an amazing Adventure Map, the DLC also introduces some wonderful new characters to the Hyrule Warriors family.


The first new character that is being introduced in the Majora’s Mask Pack is none other than Young Link himself! Donning a sword as well as the Fierce Deity Mask, Young Link proves himself to be a formidable opponent that you do not want to mess with. As if cutting down enemies with his sword wasn’t enough, he is almost unstoppable in his Fierce Deity form, effortlessly taking on hordes of monsters and slicing them apart.


The final playable character that is introduced in the Majora’s Mask Pack is actually a character who was initially cut from Hyrule Warriors by Eiji Aonuma himself: Tingle! Wielding his Rosy Balloon and Rupee bag, Tingle takes on the enemies of Hyrule in a style that only Tingle could pull off. Tingle, Tingle, Kooloo-Limpah!


With his confetti filled balloons, Tingle viciously takes on his opponents until every last one turns to dust. Remember, this is the same man (or fairy?) who enslaved his very own brothers in The Wind Waker! This sadistic man-fairy seems to be a fantastic addition to Hyrule Warriors and adds an element of flair that was previously lacking in the title. It’s a delight to see him in action, especially after Aonuma initially vetoed his appearance.


While the Majora’s Mask Pack hasn’t hit North American shores just yet, there is plenty to look forward to in what looks to be one of the best DLC packs for Hyrule Warriors yet. From the costumes, to the characters, and even the action, Hyrule Warriors has never looked better. Don’t take my word for it — view this action packed video from Nintendo Life which does the talking for me.[youtube=http://youtu.be/xPkHc-e-cD0]