The craze for amiibo has proven to be so powerful it has even spawned its own hashtag, titled #amiibogeddon. Besides the obvious rare ones to find, such as Marth or Villager, collectors have also looked for amiibo that have a ‘disformity’ such as the infamous one-legged Peach which sold for $25,000. Others have customized their figurines to look like famous characters, like the Zelda/Elsa crossover mentioned in a previous Zelda Universe post.

Zelda 4 Swords

The latest in customization comes in the form of Toon Link painted in different colored tunics from Four Swords Adventure. The trio sold for $120.00, but are also available separately. The seller seems to have found a niche in amiibo painting, as his listings also include different colored Yoshi and Samus suits. Certainly a nice addition to any Nintendo fan’s collection.