Thanks to The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses, we have two pairs of tickets up for grabs! To enter, you’ll need to write some lyrics to your favorite Zelda tune. It can be anything from a few bars to accompany an ocarina song to a full piece worthy of a symphony. You have until the end of the week to enter and then our two favorite songs will be chosen as the winners. Tickets can be used at any Symphony of the Goddesses – Master Quest show worldwide.

To enter, head over to Facebook and comment on this post with the name of the song and your lyrics. Entries will close on Sunday, January 25 at 11:59pm PST (UTC-8).

Want to know if the symphony is coming to a town near you? Check the schedule, and stay tuned here to Zelda Universe as we’ll let you know if any more shows are announced.

  • Guest

    My personal Fav:
    can you hear, a song is born/ It’s the ballad of the storm/ Thunder, Heavy wind/ the song of storms begins
    feel the rain, feel the snow/ feel the wind his mighty blow/ weather in a song/ the song of storms goes on
    now the song has been played/ everybody is afraid / rain falls on the land / the song of storms won’t end
    play the notes, loud and strong / rain is hiding in the song/ lightning strikes the ground/ today

  • jksteiner1974

    TWO nights in Nashville? Tenne-freakin-see?! And so many other, bigger cities aren’t even on the schedule? Really?

  • I was already prepared for the fact that this isn’t going to a town near me and got real exited when I noticed Stockholm on the list BUT……..of course it’s a thursday and of course me and my family won’t go to Stockholm only to see a Zelda concert. And they’re also not going to get a day free to go roam around Stockholm and see a Zelda concert…

  • Ryan Haney
    • CEObrainz

      It is getting replaced with something that is hopefully better, so apart from losing your coins/stars it’s not that big of a deal. Best thing is to just spend them now before they close the service down.

  • Annie Bates

    Here’s mine for Ordon Village.
    Ordon Village
    A place that has no fear.
    Trust me, you’re safe in here.
    A village tucked away safe and sound,
    In a corner of Hyrule, don’t worry my dear.
    Evils that roam out there,
    Won’t get to you I swear.
    They’ll never get into our village,
    Just as long as we offer up our prayer.
    I know that you are skeptical now,
    But just wait and then you will see.
    Our light spirit that’s called Ordona,
    Looks after you and me.

    So now I’ve told you why,
    There’s no reason to cry.
    We’re very safe in Ordon,
    Go ahead and let out,
    A relieved sigh.
    So just stay here with me.
    Please listen to my plea.
    Don’t go out there, it is dangerous.
    Staying here is the key to safety.
    *repeat bridge*

  • Satan

    I swear these ZU contests are the only things that have ever made me come close to finally making a facebook account.

  • Question: can we do a song from Hyrule Warriors?

  • SkywardSword’sLyre

    I wish you came to the northern US more. I would have to travel a long way to get to the orchestra, so it is not worth it. I may enter the contest for fun. Hope I don’t win!!!

  • Shelley Still

    Zelda’s Lullaby

    Go to sleep and rest your head
    Don’t worry about saving Hyrule
    A hero comes who will protect us all
    And save us from the force of evil
    Peace and harmony will prevail
    Just as the goddesses fortold

  • Christy Carmichael

    I really love the character Ilia from “Twilight Princess” and I love her theme. So I made up lyrics for Ilia’s Theme. You start by playing on the piano the notes: C6, B5, G5; C6, B5, G5; C6, B5, G5, E5, F5, A5, G5 then my lyrics start so hopefully you know the rest:
    I knew you
    Once before
    Scent of hay, the sky so blue
    Always there—
    Right by my side—
    With golden hair–, the blue-eyed wolf–
    Where-ev-er– you may go–, I’ll wait here— for– you–
    We were young
    So naive
    All those days, you stayed with me
    You don’t need
    To worry
    I’ll wait here
    Always there–
    To be with you–
    Your trusty mare–, trust in her hooves–
    What-ev-er- time you may come–, I’ll stay here– for– you–
    -Thanks for reading this, let me know what you think! <3 I'm not really entering the contest, I just thought somebody might appreciate this. -Christy Kreutzer

  • Christy Carmichael

    I think everybody loves Zelda’s Lullaby, so here are my lyrics for the tune:

    Rest– this night
    Shining, soft– moonlight—
    Dream– away– wor–ries– of the day

    Righteous heart– of gold–
    Brave, young hero– foretold–
    With– this song– to play—

    Your— kingdom’s safe, I vow–
    Prin–cess, close your eyes now—
    This– pro–mise– I endow—

    Star–filled– night–
    Everything’s— alright–
    Let– your– day– slow-ly– fade away–

    Only be– at ease—
    My sweet prin–cess, please–
    Sleep— and come– what may—

    Hy–rule is safe, I vow–
    Gent–ly, close your eyes now—
    This– lullaby– I— endow—

    Hope you guys like this! I’m not entering the contest, but I still want to know what you think of my lyrics! I’ll take any constructive criticism.
    – Christy

  • georji

    christy carmichael from middletown!? graduated 2012?? its me georjette! please get a hold of me! i left you a message on!