Majora’s Mask 3D is a remake of a Nintendo 64 game released fifteen years ago, and many Zelda fans who played the original are curious to see what has changed. We already know that it’s got updated graphics and that changes have been made to the save systemIGN got their hands on a preview of the game and released a video that highlights three big changes in the 3DS version. Note that this video may contain spoilers for some people, so continue at your own risk!

The video briefly shows that the ocarina songs are now available on the touch screen, while the narrator states that “the added touch screen functions are a big deal” but doesn’t go into any more detail than that. We can also see that the Masks sub screen is also available on the touch screen, making it easy to switch between them.

Majora's Mask 3D ocarina songs

As we all expect, the game’s visuals are a lot better than the Nintendo 64 version. The character models are similar to those from Ocarina of Time 3D, and Link’s mask transformation forms look amazing. Deku Link’s skin actually looks like wood, something that wasn’t conveyed so well in the original. Along with updated character models the 3DS remake has longer draw distances, making environments such as Clock Town more vibrant and detailed. IGN states that with the graphics overhaul, Majora’s Mask 3D has the same look and polish of a brand new 3DS game. The gameplay also feels smoother than the Nintendo 64 version. While I personally don’t remember having any problems with the original game, apparently the action is more precise and tight.

Majora's Mask 3D Deku Link

Some of the game’s features have been reworked. The Song of Double Time would previously jump time forward to the following night or morning, depending on when the song was played. In the 3DS version, it can be used to jump to any hour of the day on which it is played. This will make it easier to follow people around and complete side quests. On the subject of side quests, the Bombers’ Notebook has also been reworked with some new features that make it easier to keep track of tasks. It looks and feels much more like a planner, and you can even set alarms using the touch screen.

All of these changes sound like great improvements to me and have me even more excited about the game than I already was. I can’t wait to see what else may have changed!

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  • Lo Hye

    Song of Double Time is the only thing I thought really mattered.

    • Thomas Andersen

      …its a downgrade! Side Quest Suspense is deminished a great deal! But yeah, I see about 50% for and 50% against this change, so I guess its ok!

      • Zavier Hivick

        Well it’s not like you actually have to play the song. I don’t like it when people compain about something that is completely optional.

        • Thomas Andersen

          Why cant I express my opinion? Im not doing it in a hatefull manner..

          Also, it doesnt matter if its optional… if its a part of the game, its a part of the game! Waiting around now would feel strange, and using it would feel un-suspensfull.. but I have already played it tons of times, again I see 50% for/against, so again.. I guess its ok!

          • Zavier Hivick

            My apologies. I didn’t intend for any malice in my response, and I completely understand your points, and I totally agree. I just see a lot of people complain about things that have little to no impact on them, making it seem like they’ve completely forgotten about the idea of something being optional. It’s just a little pet peeve of mine, but that certainly not your fault.

          • Thomas Andersen

            No problem! In general its positive we all feel so passionate about this game that we use time to talk about it! Im very much looking forward to getting it, and will concentrate on finding all the heart pieces, since I havent done that 100% before!:)

      • Lo Hye

        It is not a downgrade at all. It is for the people who do not want to wait forever for something to happen, especially if they finished the game already and know what is going to happen.

        • Thomas Andersen

          Yeah, I think they should remove a life system, dont have bosses or enemies either! I have already fought them, and already know what happes so I dont see the reason they should be in the game…

          Hope you understand I put this on the edge to make a point.. Again, its just an opinion, I feel it will remove the suspense that made this game so great! A deminished experience! Art without suspense isnt art!

          • Anthony Moseley

            Your first statement is so ridiculously irrelevant that you clearly missed Lo Hye’s point completely. It will be very useful for events such as the whole Kafei/Anju sidequest which undoubtedly will be done in multiple 3-day cycles. Instead of just waiting for a certain event to happen, we can just skip to it immediately. I know I found the Anju/Kafei sidequest to be incredibly tedious once I had done it several times (without completing it).

            Also, just some constructive criticism, acting antagonistic towards anyone who disagrees with you doesn’t make your opinion any more valid. It seems that you don’t want anyone criticizing your opinion, but you have no problem criticizing the opinions of those who don’t share your viewpoint.

          • Thomas Andersen

            His point was that since we who played it back in the days already know what it is like, we dont need to experience it like that anymore… am I wrong?

            he said: “especially if they finished the game already and know what is going to happen.”

            Of course, the people that Dont want to wait around, welcome this change, good for them.. Im not talking about them, Im talking about us who think this change remove suspense and deminishes the experience..

            So to put it on the edge/make a point out of it I came up with a over the top stupid ex. to say that if that is the case, then we should just strip the game for every element we know of if we dont want those elements to be in the game..

            So I disagree with you about my comment is as you say; “so ridiculously irrelevant that you clearly missed Lo Hye’s point completely.”

            Also, Im not acting antagonistic towards anyone who disagrees with me… I even stated that this is Just my Opinion.. meaning, its not a fact, its not in Need of a Change etc etc… if other people got other opinions, I respect that, I just dont think his point is valid, and stated this in a respectfull manner.. unlike you!:) So you are Wrong, I tollerate people criticising me, but I am allowed to make counter arguments right?

          • Lo Hye

            No. You missed what I meant. As was said, the people who have done the quest over and over again will know what happen. I do not mean the people who have played the N64 version. If you fail to do the mask mission where Kafei needs his Sun’s Mask and fail it, you would have to do it all over again. That would take up a lot of time and make you wait a long while.

            With this new system, it makes everything a bit easier for those who messed up.

            If you think the patience and waiting is what made this game a legend, you are truly mistaken, and I don’t mean to be rude.

          • Thomas Andersen

            Yeah, failing without consequense isnt failing! Failing should be punished! Whats the point if there isnt punishment for failing? I Love that you have to do it all over again, and I failed the first time I did it! Most people did enjoy going at it again.. yes, some people didnt but most people that wanted to invest time in Zelda MM, did enjoy it!

            Yes, the new system makes it easier.. now people that dont want to invest time in the game can finally get it done, most of them wont do it now either… 40% of people buying a game finish the game, no matter what.. its a shame they need to cater towards the people that never will finish the game or quests, No matter what and/or the people that dont want to spend time getting better at the game.. But that being said, the song of double time itself, its ok.. the reason im even here talking about these changes is the Change they made to the Bombers Notebook!

            The change is: Markers on the maps for the quests! Now you Dont need to explore anymore.. now you can just look at the map, go straight to the area they mark, and do things! And this is actually the main reason Im even complaining..

            The waiting is a part of what I, personally loved about the game, Im not saying its in it self what made the game amazing! Exploration in general is my main reason I love Zelda.. and again, the change to the bombers notebook will take away the need for exploration to find things! I dont remember where everything is, so this will even affect me.. and please, dont use the: “Then just dont use the bombers notebook” answer!:) doesnt work like that!:)

      • randy191993

        I like it. If you don’t like it, you can always tell yourself that you only use it in skips that you could have done in the old one. Like jump to the next 6th hour or so.

        • Thomas Andersen

          Yeah, I will probably use it 1h! I have beat MM several times before, last time was last fall!:) But I can see why Song of Double time would fit a handheld, still, less suspense! Quests might turn into Mini Games instead, where the Song of double time now will turn the game into a hub. If time doesnt really matter anymore, the system the game is based upon is broken! Not completely of course, but in a way! I wont care to much now, Im just glad I got to experience it the way it used to be, and still is in the original!:)

          • randy191993

            Well the actual thing about the time was that it was too scarce to actually complete in one go and that is still valid. You don’t have MORE time now, you can just advance it more freely. In DUngeons and so on it won’t really help you.

          • Thomas Andersen

            True! The punishment for failing is deminished though, especially on the amazing Anju and Kafei Quest! I enjoy being punished in games, if I fail, I dont want to just re-start where I failed etc.. (not that this is the case in this quests now, just an ex.) But yeah, the rumors in the bombers notebook and markers on the maps(if they appear before finding the quests) that is my real concerne and my main complaint! Handholding and guiding is what ruined Skyward Sword for me(and Lots of people) and Im affraid this new way of thinking will completely ruin Zelda for Wii U… Time will tell!

  • Myshora

    Wait, at 0:27, there’s a new mask, well, is not new, It’s more like a rework. I’m talking about the one in the first column, second line.
    Is that a new look for the Garo’s mask? A new mask and in this video the Garo’s mask has not been unlockable (like Fierce Deity’s mask). If this is the rework of Garo’s mask, (probably spoiler) I can’t imagine the Norman Brothers wearing it. Probably the Fierce’s Deity’s mask would be only visible when you give to the 4 childrens all 20 mask, but that not splain what happen with the Garo’s mask.

    • Claudio Niman

      Seems like the Garo Mask now has the visual of the Garo Master we encounter in Stone Tower Temple.

      It makes sense, because the summoned Garos in Ikana always say that they’ve mistaken Link for their master.

    • Isaac Gouvion

      All the masks are the same. The one you speak of does indeed look different but yes it is the garos mask. I agree I can’t see the brothers wearing it but the mask itself looks like the boss of the garos from ikana

  • MS

    I remember trying to play through Majora’s Mask back on the 64 and I found it much more difficult and much less fun than Ocarina of Time. The much more involved side-plots bored me as a kid. The game just felt clunky. I will probably buy this version though and give it another chance…

    • threnody_grey

      See that’s interesting to me because your reasons for disliking the game ate the same reasons why I prefer it to Ocarina of Time. The involved side plots made it feel like the things I did in-game actually mattered. (NOTE: I’m not saying your feelings are wrong; just that I thought it was interesting.)

  • Ryan Haney

    That looks amazing and the other tweaks sound good to me.

  • Dusk

    I gotta say the alarms and the better Double time are pretty nifty.