Rejoice, North American gamers! Last year, upon the announcement of the remake of Majora’s Mask for the Nintendo 3DS, it was revealed that UK gamers would have a special edition of Majora’s Mask 3D to pre-order. North American fans weren’t mentioned, leaving them to wonder if a special edition would make its way across shores. Thankfully, the wait is over and our answer is here!


Nintendo revealed in a press release today that a special edition is, in fact, a reality for any anxious gamers in the North America region. In addition, a Skull Kid figurine will be included with the special edition of Majora’s Mask 3D. This is a pleasant surprise, and looks to be a very nice deal for a reasonable price of $49.99. Make sure to go set up your pre-order now!

  • CEObrainz

    It looks okay, a better quality than those Amiibos but I’m still hoping for a special edition “new 3DS”.

  • Hannah Coombs

    Sorry for the annoying rant, but it had to be done.

    Why does America always get nicer stuff? Can’t Europe have a fun bundle with out another country turning it into some kind of ‘my-game-is-better-than-yours’ war?
    I don’t like the way people are acting like America is better and deserves a better bundle, and saying that this version “puts Europe to shame” (and yes, that is a true quote). Can’t everyone get the same bundle?

    • Zachary

      Honestly, when I saw Europe getting something and NA wasn’t, it bugged me that they don’t just make it available for everyone, and clearly a lot of North Americans were not too happy with this either.

      Now North America is getting something “better” and some of them are hopping in their high horses to make Europeans feel bad (at least, according to your quote. I personally haven’t seen anything really).

      Personally, I’d rather have both and wouldn’t mind paying a bit extra. If it’s an item that can be pre-ordered, wouldn’t it make more sense to announce it earlier/start production sooner so they can sell more of them to buyers in each region?

      However, it’s how they are choosing to do this, and if the item is “better” or not is more of an opinion here really. But what were you expecting, for people to be rational and acting entitled for better things and such? There are a lot of selfish people out there willing to put others down merely based on what “better” things are available for them, but unfortunately this is just how it is.

      • Hannah Coombs

        I completely agree (and have to say that comment was more for my personal satisfaction than for others to read/respond to, which I have to admit, I wasn’t really expecting).
        Writing from a business point of view, I can see why Nintendo did this; people in Europe will see this and want to buy it from America and so on making them more money, and I can’t really blame them… Everybody wants to make money, even if it makes some people annoyed or angry at them.

        On the other hand and speaking as a paying customer, I, along with many others (including you) wouldn’t mind paying some extra money for a combination of the two or for just one of them to be available everywhere (or at least in Japan, America and Europe). I can and do understand that Europe got a bundle before America and that every country deserves to get something, I just personally think that it’s unfair for different countries to get different bundles like they have.

        And again… Sorry for ranting! I haven’t released stress by commenting like this for a good two years, so I had a lot of pent-up frustration to vent.

        • Zachary

          Don’t even worry about ranting, everyone gets really stressed all the time, and it’s only natural to want to release it! I just wanted to reply because it can be annoying to feel like nobody else feels the same way, or is too busy being caught up in the moment of suddenly NA having this new bonus that Europe doesn’t get.

    • Merylas

      I’d like to point out how America was left out when Japan and Europe (and Australia, I believe) got the Pre-Order Bonuses for Hyrule Warriors and A Link Between Worlds. Unless you count the NYC Nintendo Store getting them as them coming to America, but I wouldn’t.

      That said, I do find the idea of region-exclusive physical pre-order bonuses stupid. It just makes people jealous and resentful. I can understand making software region-locked if it has to do with the differences in laws between regions, but physical trinkets generally don’t have any similar restrictions.

      But as I’ve come to learn, you win some you lose some. At least Europe is still getting a MM Bundle. America got no special bundle for ALBW (unless you bought the 3DS that was available everywhere else as well), HW, or even Mario Kart 8.

    • Realistinfamouz19

      Your kidding right ? U got to be. Idk what you ranting about because WE! Americans don’t get the best stuff when it comes to nintendo collectors. We didn’t get a collectors for hyrule Warriors or any other Zelda games yes sometimes they gave us something but it wasn’t as big as what Europeans are getting you are getting way more than us. All we getting is a figurine you get a box set with a few stuff don’t be greedy. you clearly must be seeking attention because your post is a joke.

  • Guest

    That’s really cool, glad to see something cool that’s Zelda related that I can put in my room. Personally $10 for such an item is perfectly fine with me, and I can’t wait for the game either!

  • Siân Hughes

    I hope they bring it to the UK, I haven’t seen the bundle supposedly have. I’ll have to look, but it surely can’t beat this!

  • Mike

    why just a figurine? why not a special skull kid amiibo?

    • heroofmasks

      what would a skull kid amiibo even be for unless hes a dlc character for hw it be usless and only slightly rare

    • Merylas

      People are upset about this already. If you slap the word “amiibo” onto it, it’ll just lead to more rage. A lot of people already just get the amiibo because of the figure and not necessarily for the NFC Function as-is, so this is already most of the way there. That said, Skull Kid will look very nice along side my Amiibo Army.

      • dark wing

        or beside the ganondorf figurine we got with WWHD

    • Anthony Moseley

      What exactly would we need a Skull Kid amiibo for? It’s not like you can play as him.

  • Cresh

    But i’m waiting on Monster Hunter 4 coming out. D:

  • Ryan Haney

    I hope we get a CD, too. Like they did with Club Nintendo for Ocarina 3D.

    • dark wing

      we already got the CD. it was a platinum reward 2 years back. I can’t see them doing the same thing with MM simply because of that fact

  • Anthony Moseley

    And….they’re gone from Amazon and Gamestop. The only ones that are left on Gamestop are the Ultimate Edition featuring the game, the figurine, and the strategy guide for $84.98. Don’t really need the strategy guide (since I already have the one for the N64 version), but I’m sure it’ll have some nice artwork so I’m considering it.

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