Harmony of Heroes is an enormous collaborative effort from various musicians and produced by Shinesparkers. The album was released earlier this year, featuring a massive collection of musical splendor revolving around the various fighters found in the Smash Bros. series.

Then, as if the huge initial undertaking wasn’t enough, it was announced that there would be an expansion, titled “Final Smash,” to the original album — which already consisted of 101 songs composed and recorded by over 60 different musical artists. Now, that expansion is available through the Harmony of Heroes website. Oh, did I mention that you can download it for absolutely free?


The expansion adds another 27 tracks to the enormous musical playlist, reaching across many different titles between the video game characters they are derived from (most of which are Nintendo-specific). The variety in songs is astonishing, especially considering this is a completely fan-made production. The compositions are very well done, with each artist incorporating their own take on a beloved character.

The title list ranges from older character songs (“Paku Paku,” from Pac Land), all the way to newer titles, such as the Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks with “Toot, Whistle, Blow!”. There are even hilariously awesome additions to original compositions, like the fantastic lyrics added to the Punch Out-themed “Your Face is History.”

Fans can download the extension, as well as the album, in either MP3 or lossless M4A formats. I highly recommend obtaining the album, and for the low price of free, why wouldn’t you want to listen to expertly crafted compositions based on some of our favorite video game characters? Be sure to follow the official Twitter account for Harmony of Heroes to keep up with any news or information regarding the outstanding production.

  • Ryan Haney

    your Face is History. Haha!

  • Temis

    That artwork appears to have been made by an eleven year old

    • Amanda

      I think since it’s a remix, the artists were going for a different take on the characters, branching off from their usual style.

      • Temis

        No but like look at it it’s just badly drawn. Look at Sonic’s eyes, or any of the ‘special effects’, or Lucina’s proportions. It’s just bad.

        • Anthony Moseley

          Then by all means, show us some of your great artwork.

          • Temis

            I usually draw my art by hand, I don’t normally do digital, and I don’t have a scanner.

            But my ability to produce a picture is entirely irrelevant.

          • Shell Master Tortwag

            Since the main thing about this is the music quality, I suppose that cover’s not such a problem. But meh, I guess that’s just me.

    • Soeroah

      I’d kill to be able to draw that well.

    • Shell Master Tortwag

      I was 11 once. I could not draw like this, and I wished I could.
      That and… I mean, really? You’re litteraly judging the production by its cover?

      • Temis

        Nope. In fact, I’m not negatively judging the production at all. I think the music is pretty okay. Some of the tracks are bleh but most are relatively good, especially considering it’s amateur/fan run.

        I’m actually (as evidenced by my not mentioning the music) judging the cover by the cover, which seems pretty justified to me.

        • Shell Master Tortwag

          Hm. Personalyl I think that, since they wanted for the music to be in as many genres as possible, it’s normal for some to be “meh”. It would be amazing to like them ALL equally, but that’s impossible.

          …Oh. That’s a fair point and your logic is flawless. Except it’s not the cover.

          http://www.zeldaeternity.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/hamonyofheroes_fs.png ^ This, is the actual cover of the Album. The image up there is one of the many images done as simple illustrations for the project, as far as I know.

          But still, I see your point now. Never mind what I said (I still adore the coloring and shading, though, despite the facial expressions being meh.)

  • MischievousLittleImp

    Downloaded it, sincerely, I’ve listened to almost all musics, some of them were bad , but almost all of them were worst than the original, I was so ansious for this and I feel kinda disappointed… But it’s ok, I still love a lot of the musics from the original album.

    • Shell Master Tortwag

      Wha… Seriously? Enjoyed them all, personally, and I woudln’t dare qualify any of them as “bad”. There are some styles they used that I didn’t particularily like, but it was still enjoyable. They did say they were making music remixed with as many genre as possible to please many people, and they kinda succeeded there.