There’s something to be said for the marketing departments of video game companies. With every huge release comes an onslaught of special edition incentives set to entice fans into putting down a little extra money to receive a prize pack of sorts in return.

However, Nintendo UK will be breaking the mold by bestowing on all those who pre-order Majora’s Mask 3D a special collectible in the form of a themed paperweight for £32.99. This is a great deal considering the Hyrule Warriors special edition retailed for £50.00, although it is now being sold for much more on auction sites such as eBay.


This is something UK fans will definitely want to take advantage of. The piece looks beautifully crafted and can be used to hold down paperwork or crush the nearest Octorok. The game is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2015, hopefully with surprises in store for fans of all regions.

  • Emile John Joe Walker

    Haha, I bet the people in places like America are sooo jealous

    • Jake Bennett

      You’re damn right we are!

      • 17Haru17 .

        Well, I mean, not all of us in the US.

    • Jeremy Kingsley

      And Australia…

    • Oskar Ptak

      And Poland…

    • Johnny LoveFive

      and Japan!

    • Richard Chicallo

      im sure we’ll get something just as nice but for now im glad you guys got something pretty cool

      • heroofmasks

        prob prob not look at pokemon oras most of the world got some kind of preorder except usa

    • jesus valenzuela

      skull kid statue VS paperweight… who’s jealous now 😛

  • Guest

    Not me, I bought mine & I live in NYC.

    • JoanDT89

      Did you pay a lot for shipping? Where did you pre-order the special edition?

      • Guest

        Nintendo of UK website, shipping is free.

        • JoanDT89

          That’s what I tried to do, but when I got to check out it would only ship in the UK not USA.

          • Guest

            Enter address manually.

          • marion black


          • mrwho

            Surely it’s going to be region locked and you won’t be able to play it?

  • AdvancePlays

    I hope this includes those already placed…

  • Ryan Haney

    I don’t need a paper weight, but I want that. I’m sure I can find some place to display it.

  • mrwho

    The title is actually incorrect. This is a GAME exclusive, and Nintendo themselves don’t offer it.

  • Baker1000

    So is it actually a 3D mask inside the glass? From here it just looks printed on a 2D plane. If that’s the case then what a disappointment. I’d rather have the steelbook, pin badge and poster edition announced when the game was revealed.

  • kkksksks

    i am jealous! ebay time!!!!

  • Uh, no?

    Only people who order the normal MM3D game will get this. Anyone who preordered the special edition wont.

  • Anthony Moseley

    What is up with this U.S. snubbing? They do realize that America has Zelda fans too, right?

  • MiniJames

    I’m now decided pre-ordering with Nintendo and getting the steelbook, the pin badge and the double sided poster. As the pre-order bonus looks better :3 and the majoras mask pin badge looks a lot better than this … well I think so.

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